Kayaking and snorkelling in Sai Kung Hoi Ha Wan (西貢海下湾)

On a weekend, M and I along with a friend went to Ha Hoi Wan to go kayaking and snorkelling. Apparently Hoi Ha Wan has the best snorkelling in HK.


After two minibus rides we arrived at very quiet Hoi Ha Wan and rented a kayak at $100hkd/person from the shopowner who also operates the resturant. You can either get a double or single, she has newish sit on top kayaks and ghetto looking sea kayaks


The weather was very nice and the fish variety, though incomparable to Hawaii or Thailand was surprisingly decent. Though there were a lot of sea urchins to be wary of and a million sea cucumbers that look really weird and phallic like.

We kayaked to the nearby mini islands, and snorkelled around. It was especially nice as there were mini beaches that were deserted, a very sheltered bay making for easy paddeling and few people. Next time we shall bring some beer or drinks to have in the deserted beaches.



By mid afternoon the clouds had rolled in and we grabbed a late lunch and headed home. A good decision as it was pissing rain the second we reached Kowloon.

How to get there:
~from the kowloon side board the red minibus on Dundas Street to Sai Kung. $15 , 30min
~walk to the local minibus stop headed for Hoi Ha Wan at Sai Kung town center. It is a green minibus. $8? 20min. The frequency of minibusses states 30 min but in the weekends during peak times it is probably every 10~15mins.
~Kayak rental at resturant near beach. $100hkd per person. Come before noon if you want a kayak during high season. Lots of people being turned away later on.
~snorkel gear is also available for $40/day


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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