Hiking Parkview to Twins Peak to Stanley (大潭-赤桂)


A week ago we went hiking from Parkview near Tai Tam Reservoir to Stanley. The weather was cloudy and windy which meant it was a nice day to hike.

From Parkview we hiked up to twins peak then on to Stanley. Originally I thought the trail was easy, until we walked up the 1000 steps of twin peaks. The next day I could barely walk. 80% of the hikers were non locals, and they were all sprinting. We took our time and enjoyed the view.

When we reached Stanley we went to the one place locals go. The HK street cafe! This is my go to food stop if I am ever in Stanley. It was so dinky and not hygenic, but there is a reason for the 30min lineup! The HK stle french toast with kaya. Delicious, artery clogging and so worth the hike.


The non descript sign leading to the yummy 大牌档。(behind the flower stand)


As the weather was soso we hopped on the bus back home. It happened to be our 1yr anniversary of tying the knot so my mum got us a yummy cake and we went out for burgers at the Main St Deli.


M got greedy with the burger and supersized it. It was gigantic.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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