Canyoning at Ping Nam River (屏南石澗)

Still in catchup blog mode…

Last Tuesday was national day so I went Canyoning with a group I found. Alas M decided to be a bookworn again because he missed out on some great fun.

We met at Fanling mtr station and took the minibus to Ping Nam where we did some abseiling, cliff jumping and river tracing.






It was great fun, I even did a 7~8m cliff jump 3x! So excilarating! Climbing up a waterfall is quite difficult, I felt like a blind person climbing a slippery thing but it was so fun! Abseiling down a waterfall is also quite different from dry situations because sometimes the waterfall is just all over you so it is harder to control your descent.

It was only 200~300hkd for the entire day with gear provided. I will definitly go again!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

One thought on “Canyoning at Ping Nam River (屏南石澗)

  1. How did you book this? I would LOVE to go too 😀
    I’m going to HK in July and i would love to go on the 18th. Could you let me know how i can book this :D?

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