Junk Boat trip to Clearwater bay 清水灣

Our 2nd and final junk boat trip of the year (because ‘winter’ is coming!). Our friend organized a junk boat party and we merrily went because boating is fun.

When we got the directions, we naturally assumed we would be going to take the minibus to Sai Kung, so off we went to Mong Kok and got into the minibus. While we were waiting for the bus to fill up, we decided to check which pier the boat would leave at. Only to see the world “departing from Central pier”. So off we went , like the wind to get to Central. It was very lucky we checked the message before the minibus departed.

The day turned out to be sunny and nice. But towards the end when the sun was going down it was getting a bit chilly. So I guess that is the last boat ride of the year!


Martin Leaping in the the water:

P1000010 P1000015

Clearwater Bay BeachP1000023

Playing with my new waterproof camera, very good purchase!:


Beer in the water, delicious:


A beautiful sunset:




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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