Climbing at Cape Collinson 歌連臣角

Over the weekend I went climbing at Cape Collinson with a few friends. M couldn’t join because he decided studying was more important. To access Cape Collinson you can take a minibus headed to the neighbouring prison but it is not too frequent so it was lucky that my friend had a car.

There are 3 crags at Cape Collinson and we went to “The Zawn” which is the centrepiece. The fixed rope leading to the Zawn was really sketchy, I overheard some climbers saying how someone was nice and replaced it with a new rope, but it got stolen almost immediately. The level of sketchiness for the fixed rope is in line with the fixed rope going up Soho Crag in Central. Definitely don’t rely 100% on the fixed rope.

The climbs are pretty varied ranging from F6a to 7’s. I thought some of the 6a gradings are a bit generous. There was also a big rock fall problem so wearing a helmet is a must. In our day there 2 fist size rocks fell off the cliff; while I was climbing I ripped a chunk of rock off…

1469780_10100648344340351_1932314819_n 996969_10100648344420191_1232830123_n

Overall great weather and great day. It got a little busy late afternoon due to a large group from the local climbing gym coming out but that didn’t turn out to be a bad thing as they were friendly and we ended up all sharing gear and top roping some of the harder routes.

1393483_10100648344375281_1023833698_n 1473068_10100648344490051_698167426_n


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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