Weekend trip to Taipei (台北)

This weekend I took a 48h trip to Taipei to see my friends. M didn’t join me as he had exams. Normally I take the airport bus from my house to the airport but I was running late so I took the airport train. What a ripoff! $75 hkd!

When I got to the Taipei airport there was a massive one hour queue through immigration and then I accidently bought the slow bus to Taipei that took 1.5 hours. Next time I will take the HSR instead which should take under an hour.

I landed in the hostel, Cats Pyjamas in the Shida area, they were doing a promo for stay one night receive second night free so I only paid 450NT for 2 nights! (~15 USD). I love this hostel, I stay there everytime. I called my friend up and we went to this amazing all you can eat & drink bbq that served the freshest meat. They also had movenpick ice cream. The beer was Taiwan beer which is as horrible as always. All this meat came to 500NT per person.


Afterwards we went to the shot bar. And got 20 shots for less than 1000NT. This led us to be very intoxicated quite quickly. After which we went to a gay bar for a little while and called it a night.


Having drank way too much, I woke up at noon and after breakfast decided it was time for a much needed haircut. One of the great thing about being in the Shida area is the proximity to the hippest night market, so finding a good hairdresser was not hard.


One of my mission for going to Taipei was to do some shopping because there is great style there. I decided to withdraw some cash from the atm but after 4 failed attempts at 4 different banks I called my bank to ask them of they had locked my card. Turns out I was not permitted to withdraw cash internationally as I had not signed a waiver first. Their solution was for me to go tothe branch on Monday to sign the waiver, at which point I angrily told them how could I go to the bank on Monday if I have no cash to take me to the airport. (Taiwan is a very cash based economy)


So as I had no cash and my credit card didn’t allow cash advances, therefore I called of all shopping plans as the night market was and all cash place. I still had around 800NT which would take me through the night if I was careful. Luckily I have great friends and when I told them of my plight they very generously covered all my dinner, drinks and taxi fees. I didn’t spend a dime the second they found out my cash flow problem!

For my last night out we went to drink at Shimending 石门町 , there is a big area where all the bars are outdoors and it’s very chill. It’s also a very gay friendly area. Afterwards we went to another bar in that area called Commander D. It was a Bdsm gay bar , definitely a great place for guys, and unlike any place I have ever been. Many gay bars in Vancouver becomes too overrun with girls who just want to check it out or are unfriendly towards the opposite sex but I find Taiwan bars have a great vibe and is extremely welcoming ( even though there is no female toilet!). Commander D drinks are huge and their alcohol content is deadly but very delicious. So after a fun night out I got back to the hostel at 5am only to wake up at 8am to go to the airport.

Great weekend in Taipei, as always!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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