A year in Review: 2013

2013 was a year of travel for both of us, we learnt that the world is a beautiful place and travelling is cheaper than living in a city. Here is a snapshot of some of the places we went:IMG_3808 Sad attempt Vilnius IMG_4053 IMG_4136 IMG_4275 sunset on Jelsa Backdoor entrance to Kotor fortress IMG_4496 IMG_4584 Houses within Kala castle IMG_4435 IMG_4615 IMG_5151 IMG_5251 IMG_5294 IMG_5356 Fira, Santorini IMG_5552 IMG_5809 Mt Ushba twin peaks IMG_6199 IMG_6277 Monks bringing in Yak milk for other monks. Approaching Tongren, yellow flowers everywhere Great Mosque in Xining, Qinghai 西宁, 青海 IMG_6620 At the North peak! IMG_6791 IMG_6928 IMG_7005 Guilin IMG_7115 IMG_7168 23406_10100396480667171_893346283_n 73334_10100396481320861_2035097328_n 530813_10100396482358781_824543138_n


And here is to many more years of travelling and exploring the world 😀 Happy new year everyone!




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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