Gluttony in Hong Kong

Over the Xmas and New Year break we ate a lot of food. Most of them delicious. Unlike many western countries where eating out consists of the same several restaurants, there is an infinite amount of choices in HK. I shall share some of my gluttony over the last two weeks:

1) A friend of M bought over some fresh 大闸蟹/ Chinese mitten crabs from her home village in Nanjing. (A type of delicacy in Shanghainese cuisine) Although the season in HK for these crabs were over in HK, the crabs we received was incredibly filled with eggs. Delicious and fresh! Price: $Free!


2) It was an abnormally cold and raining day in HK. And after shivering in the office with no heat (9 degrees celsius), we ran to the spicy sichuan noodle shop. Everyone else had the same idea because the restaurant was packed! Price: $25

3) Went to Temple street 廟街 to try out a Nepali restaurant called Manakamana . Pretty good, tasted like a milder version of Indian cuisine. Thumbs up for their beer named “Mustang” Price: $100 per person


4) Went to check out a neighbourhood restaurant that specializes in fish called 巴蜀沸騰一片(烤全魚專門店)  or the English name “BaShe Peasts The Entire Fish”. We ordered Sichuan style fish. I LOVE the numbing feeling of peppercorns, and they gave us a lot of peppercorns. Best of all, they let you bring beer from the outside! Price:$ 300 for entire meal.

5) All you can eat Sashimi and unlimited Sake & Beer at Kichi Jyu. Cheap, fresh, unlimited sashimi, unlimited sake, what more can you ask for! Price: $188 per person.


6) Inagiku. Terrible service, average food (for price), expensive. Price: Way too Expensive.


7) The Chairman 大班樓。 Good fine dining Guangdong food, good service. Their ginger ice cream is delicious (amongst their many other dishes). Price: $500-600 per person

8)8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA , A meal to end all meal for the holiday seasons. Three Michelin star, amazing food and service. For the quality of food, I thought the price was reasonable. Their desserts are orgasmic. Sadly M did not join us as he decided writing a midterm was more important, his loss! Price: $800 per person


9) Dim Sum at Celestial Court. 天寶閣. Good food, no chicken feet though , which really disappointed W. I was more disappointed there was no meat Fen Chang 粉腸. No photos though, which is a shame because the food was good!

10) Dinner at Celestial Court 天寶閣. I love their Seafood Mango Baked rice. Always a safe bet to eat with my Grandma there. $400 per person.

image11) Other meals not included: Lunch at 沙頭角 , and 2 different Home cooked Xmas dinner at friends place

So after all this gluttony, I think it is time to stay and eat healthy until Thailand end of this month.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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