Hiking with the boss series 1: Tai Wai >Shing Mun Reservoir >Lai Chi Kok (大圍>城門水塘>荔枝角)

I shall start a series called “Hiking with my boss”, my boss hikes every weekend with some other colleagues and old timers. I have opted to join  their early morning sunday hikes when I am free as a well to stay healthy and see HK’s natural side. These old timers have been hiking for years, so they know all the little routes one can never find just by searching online.

We start at Tai Wai MTR where we walk along the ‘river’ until we find a small village that leads to a path that overlooks  the Shing Mun Tunnel. After which, we head to a path below the bridge.


Upon reaching the bottom of the bath, we find ourselves in a very pretty area that looks almost wild (for HK). Of course, it is not really that peaceful since there is a bridge with cars right on top of us. But one can almost imagine…


Eventually we walk to the bottom of the dam and walk all the staircase. The view is really cool from the bottom of the dam and since no one but our group is doing the same hike, very nice. At the top of the dam, is a very popular walking route, so lots of people enjoying such a fine day.


We walk up the dam to find ourselves at the reservoir.  In the distance is Tai Mo Shan 大帽山 (Side note: I always thought it was 大霧山 which means Big Foggy Mountain, not Big Hat Mountain since everyone says its so foggy up there. Mind blown!!!). Anyways, we decide to walk back to the city after that.


Which required passing through hundreds of wild monkeys. These vicious beasts will wait for you to open your bag before they pounce on you to get your ‘food’.


Eventually we end up somewhere near Lai Chi Kok, I skip on Dim Sum with my boss and head home. Originally I was a bit hesitant to hike with my boss, but it was a big group of 10 people and the hikers really knew the area well. I plan on hiking plenty more.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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