Hiking with the boss series 2: Choi Hung>Fei Ngo Shan>Diamond hill (彩虹>飛鵝山>鑽石山)

Another hike with the boss. This time the meet up time was at 9am at Choi Hung MTR, and I was not terribly hungover like last time. As usual, M was still snoring away while I left the apartment :/

From Choi Hung MTR we walked to Fei Ngo Shan or Flying Goose Mountain. The scenery was quite nice as it looked like brown grass with no buildings anywhere. (Of course, like most places in HK, this illusion only works if you are looking at a certain specific direction)



We decided to not take the road and go up a less beaten path. It was very nice, I would have camped there, but it was extremely windy since there was a wind tunnel created by the hills of Sai Kung and Kowloon.

We walked along the mountain but the nice view of Kowloon was obscured by the smog. The fog/smog was pretty bad today though I suppose not nearly as bad as some other Chinese cities.







Apparently the walk along the ridge is quite a nice view. But we didn’t do that. Instead we went down to Giwell Campsite 基維爾營地 and onwards to some village that eventually led to Diamond Hill MTR station. Unlike last time, this route required a lot more climbing up and down through less beaten paths.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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