Tai Tan Country Trail Hike 大灘郊野路徑

Today I went on another hike with my parents. They have been oddly enthusiastic about hiking these past few weeks and even bought hiking shoes, we will see how long this enthusiasm goes. M finally  was free to join us.

Anyways, after a long and indecisive decision making process we decided to go to the Tai Tan Country Trail in Sai Kung.(Many hikes in Sai Kung take over 5 hours or are very remote or deemed too strenuous for my parents who don’t like steep downhill sections). We drove to Sai Kung and parked at an overpriced parking lot (we need to hunt down proper free parking spots next time) and took bus 94 to Tai Tan stop (大灘) . The bus 94 is extremely frequent on Sundays as Sai Kung is filled with day hikers; don’t know if that applies on the weekdays though.

So after getting off at the wrong stop, we finally made it to the trail head. The trail was surprisingly not busy, I suppose that there are just too many hiking trails in Sai Kung to choose from …

Near the start of the trail, whenever I am in Sai Kung I am surprised that this is still Hong Kong:

20140119_103226 20140119_103445

The trail starts off relatively flat next to the ocean, here are some windsurfers learning the sport:


Midway through, the trail goes past a beach full of waste. I guess all the current brings the garbage to that beach. There we found a lot of large dead fishes (1-2ft long). I actually heard about the dead fish on the radio the day before, but didn’t realize we were hiking on the same trail. Apparently it was due to fisherman dumping dead carcasses? The smell was not so nice.


Right after the dead fish scene, the trail goes up to the top of the hill. Nice views, but unfortunately there was quite a bit of “fog” (smog).


Eventually, we head back down the hill and follow the signs to Hoi Ha Wan a.k.a. Jone’s Cove (海下灣)to catch the minibus #7 back to Sai Kung centre.

Hoi Ha Wan, the best place to kayak/snorkel in Hong Kong:


When we got back to our parking spot (at the Sai Kung Library), we found that the attendants allowed a car to park in a non-spot that basically sandwiched my dad’s car. He was not happy at having to do a 30-point turn, nor at the extra hour of charge he got for parking because it took him 15 mins to get out of the parking lot. Definitely need to find another parking spot/lot.

Overall, a very pretty hike and not too hard for my parents. Some loose rocks and boulder hopping and totally do-able in 3 hours at a leisurely pace. I miss kayaking in Hoi Ha Wan, the waters looked so clean.

GPS route:Screenshot_2014-01-19-17-55-05


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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