Climbing at Beacon Hill 筆架山

Over the weekend, I bought a new 60m 9.5mm Skylotec rope as my old rope was showing signs of aging ($1100 HKD from Skywalk). Naturally, I had to go climbing; so on Sunday I went to Beacon Hill to do some climbing and teach a friend how to lead.

Luckily the friend I was with already knew  the way to Beacon Hill or else I would have gotten quite lost. (I have posted detailed directions below.) We did some easy 5’s & 6 (One Eyed Snake , King Cobra,  Pretty Girl ) and  top roped a  6a+ (Blue Cross) and called it a day as the sun was setting .

Photo credit to my climbing friend. Did not ask permission. Sorry , but it’s is an awesome picture of me leading 😀

An excellent sunny and warm day of climbing after 3 dreadful cold weeks in Hong Kong. We met some very helpful and experienced climbers there who gave us lovely pointers and lead climbing tips. I also love my new neon orange rope.

A grainy photo of Kowloon from Beacon Hill. One of those rare clear & non-smoggy days.

Directions: From Kowloon Tong station, head into Festival Walk to the taxi stand. Tell the driver to go to the end of Lung Yan Road (龍欣道). Very likely the driver won’t have a clue where it is so be prepared to guide him using Google Navigation. Our taxi driver said next time to tell him to go to  “Fung Leg Lou” (豐力樓) and head up the road. Eventually the road becomes a narrow service road and ends when there is a green gate that states “No access”. Disembark at this point and look around to see a caged off water treatment area.

Taxi will drop you off somewhere near here. Ahead is a green gate that sates no access. If you keep walking up, eventually you will reach the top of Beacon Hill. (As in you have gone the wrong way and sweated needlessly)
The trail to the crag. There is a small stone path between the road sign and the mesh wires. Follow it for 10 minutes. You will know you are on the right path when you see fixed ropes along the trail.

Leaving: Walk down the trail and a bit down 龍欣道 Long Yan Road until you reach a pavilion/ viewing point. You will see a staircase with a green handle bar. Head to the bottom and keep walking until you find some apartment complexes. From there, you can try your luck to find a taxi or just take the minibus to Shek Kip Mei MTR


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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