Sailing 101 – Sai Kung (創興水上活動中心)

For the past 2 sundays, M and I have been taking a Sailing Level 1 course at the Chong Hing Water Sports Centre in Sai Kung.

We were given Toppers to learn to sail on, these are single person dinghy’s that are tiny. It was also freezing on both weekends but luckily the centre provides wetsuits which made the classes bearable.

Preparing our dinghy’s

Chong Hing centre is actually a man made lake and not the ocean surrounded by a dam and mountains. This made the wind very unpredictable and compounded by the fact that I didn’t really understand what to do with the sail, it almost caused to capsize several times. Luckily that didn’t happen or else I would have felt like a miserable wet cat.

Learning how to turn

Our instructor actually told us that Chong Hing isn’t a very nice place to sail since the winds are either blowing in different directions or there is no wind at all.

Absolutely no wind

The instructors was very good and spoke in English and Cantonese. A lot of the instructors have full time jobs and teach in the weekends or holidays.

Instructor giving a helping hand

Sailing is definitely a fun sport to learn and I will be signing up for level 2 as soon as I can so that I can rent a dinghy from the leisure centre in the future. The sailing courses run by the leisure centre are recognized by the Hong Kong Sailing Federation. At the centre, they also teach kayaking and windsurfing; I am not sure if I want to learn either as it requires too much physical strength!

The best part of the whole course: it was only $70 HKD!

Sailing behind a dam

Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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