Sailing 201. Level 2 sailing at Stanley.

I think I have found a new sport to get into, and that is sailing!

After my Level 1 course last month, I managed to snag a spot in Level 2 Sailing offered by the HK Leisure Department at Stanley Beach. (For only $140 HKD!!!) The Level 2 Course consists of 4 full days of lessons after which one will be able to rent basic dinghy’s from the Leisure Centre.

The first day I completely forgot everything I had learnt previously. Unfortunately for me, the instructor decided to go on my boat and about 1 minute into him directing me, I promptly get knocked overboard by the boom hitting my helmet. Well, that was embarrassing to say the least.

Stanley Water Sports Centre

The second day we learnt how to use the jib, unfortunately the wind was fairly strong and me nor my partner actually understood how to use the jib. So between the waves, winds, pouring rain, jib and first time sailing 2 to a boat, we capsized about 5 times. I learnt that righting a boat so many times is extremely exhausting especially dragging yourself out of the water. But we also learnt the pleasure of sailing with lots of wind and joy-riding with the instructor was way too much fun.

The third and forth day, I finally figured more or less how to steer the boat thanks to the instructor sending us loads of YouTube videos. Also the wind wasn’t as crazy so I got to practice a lot and take photos.

A little wind and some fog
A little wind and some fog
Learning to sail with crew
Learning to sail with crew
Our instructor, fixing our problems, again.
Our instructor, fixing our problems, again.

Overall, a really fun experience; surprisingly my favourite day was the pouring wet, cold and windy day as we got to experience speed. Our class was supposed to have 6 students but only 4 showed up which allowed for a more close knit group. I have to give kudos’ to the instructor; although at times he was quite long winded and yelled a lot when we screwed up, he really but a lot of effort to explaining the concepts of sailing very well.

Now waiting for M to finish his course so that we can start to collect 80 hours of sailing solo to get to Level 3 Sailing…

Side note 1: Since it is getting close to the Dragon Boat Festival, there are lots of teams practicing in Stanley. As I looked at them suffering in the heat paddling just on one side of the boat to the beat of the drum while I was lying on the boat enjoying the ocean breeze,I often wondered who would willingly paddle while sweating needlessly when once could enjoy travelling via wind.

Side note 2: In normal circumstances, I would be writing in detail of how to register in these awesome and inexpensive water sports courses. But not this time, because it is so hard to get a spot for these classes due to demand exceeding supply and I feel like being selfish.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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