Double Deers and Sai Kung beaches

Funny of all my travel posts,  according to my WordPress stats most of the people who find this blog do so after google searching “Tai O infinity pool”, so I am willing to bet this post will get a fair amount of Googler’s as well. ^^

Anyways, enough of my grumbling of who reads what. Recently I went to cliff jumping at Double Deers river in Sai Kung which I have heard is the only place to really safely go cliff jumping in Hong Kong. Perhaps a few years ago, the place was not so well known but when we got there around noon after walking from Sai Wan the place was packed with expats and locals enjoying the cool river water.

Pretty packed but the water is nice
Pretty packed but the water is nice

You can continue river tracing up the stream but we just hung around and did some scrambling and cliff jumping. The water is pretty deep on one side of the pool, although if you are afraid of jumping you might want to reconsider committing yourself to the scramble up because there is a big group of spectators cheering you on.

So we hung out there for a couple hours until it got even more packed with people so we headed to check out the beautiful beaches of Sai Kung.

Not so secret location

We wanted to check out Ham Tin Wan/ Tai Long Wan beaches but after a sweaty 25 min hike and realizing we had bought the speed boat ticket from the Sai Wan beach we just stood to admire the view before heading for lunch.

Beautiful view to admire.

So we went back to Sai Wan beach instead, which was not a bad beach at all with clear water and beautiful sand.

The beautiful view was somewhat spoiled by a yacht aptly named “51 shades of grey” with an incredibly obnoxious sound system pointed straight at the beach. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a boat with one male and 15 bikini clad females fist pumping away at questionable music. Strange thing was, at around 5pm the male shipped the entire gang of females save one away on a little motor boat…  we were quite a distance away from Sai Kung centre and the ladies yacht was no where to be seen. Of course, the boat was decked with a Russian flag. Go figure.

After lounging for a while, we took the 30min speed boat back to Sai Kung centre.  The ride was quite exhilarating.

Sai Wan beach.

To get to Double Deers… go to Sai Wan Pavillion via taxi/minibus , walk with the masses to the beach and ask the ladies who are selling the boat tickets how to get there. Please pick up your own trash as it’s getting a bit dirty with all the people. Do buy the boat tickets early as the speed boats only sit 25 people. Boat ticket is $130pp. If you want to be cheap, you can either walk back to Sai Wan Pavillion and walk all the way back to Sai Kung or pray that there is a taxi or take a minibus which I have heard comes fairly infrequently and stops running quite early.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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