Tokyo… Same same but different

So I went to Tokyo again, this time for work.

Actually, I spent 2 nights in Osaka, but I was literally shuttled between factories and hotels. The only experience of Osaka non work related were so restaurants our Japanese guides took us.




In the end, we did manage to have 1 day off work. Since I went with geeky collegues who were less interested in fashion and more interested in Gundam. Off I went to admire at a giant statue of Gundam in front of Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba. Actually, it was quite impressive given its size. My colleagues went to check out the Gundam museum inside, I went to the arcade to play with the claw machines. I got Ted for 90Yen.



After visiting the giant Gundam, we went to Akihabara to check out all the Gundam stores because due to the favourable exchange rate, my coworkers were saying how cheap all the models were. In the end, we ended going to Bic Camera to get all their toys since it was the cheapest. Even I fell into the craze and bought 2 Gundam models, 1 Lego set and other toys. HeHe.




We also did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to Tsukiji Fish Market where we had some delicious sashimi Don. I don’t know why, but in Japan their sushi colours is so much deeper than the ones you eat abroad; even for the cheap stuff.




Anyways, after a short day off we left Tokyo and boarded a flight back to Hong Kong.

I would like to point up that I had a massage chair in my business hotel. It was AMAZING.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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