Cebu and Maolboal, Philippines

For the Chinese New Year Holidays, I joined my friend H who was spending some months backpacking SE Asia in a short ramble around the Visayas of the Philippines.

Our meeting point was Cebu City which at arrival and taking the taxi from the airport I encountered a fender bender on the road with two man in a heated exchange and one man angrily waving a metal baseball bat. When I got to the hostel, the security guard was very casually cleaning his revolver. What a first impression.

After a long sleep in Cebu I took a walk while waiting for H to arrive, eventually we were reunited and checked out Cebu. There is not much to write away. We checked out some old church and had street food, but downtown looked sketch at night so we went back to the hostel and had drinks and called it a night.

Early next morning, we took the bus to Maolboal which was a diving hq of Cebu island. We found one of the cheaper places at Panagsama, Maolboal for 800peso a night for a small bungalow and ended up staying for 3 nights.

One of the days we rented a scooter for 450peso and drove it to the waterfalls and white beach. The higher tier of the waterfall is much better with no annoying people trying to sell you stuff. The snorkelling at Pagnagsama was pretty incredible with a reef wall just 30 meters from shore.IMG_3588

And on the 2nd day we went diving. After a 6 year diving hiatus I had forgotten how fun and magical diving is. We saw a huge school of sardines, sea turtles, a pair of lampreys and lots of fishes. Unless you are diving in the water, you forget how much life is in the waters.





Moalboal is very famous for its reef walls that just drop off into the ocean.

IMG_3585We left Moalboal very early next morning (430am) to catch the bus to Oslob.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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