Oslob and Dumagete

We arrived at Oslob at around 730am to do some snorkelling with whale sharks.

The whale sharks in Oslob are wild but they are attracted to the food the fisherman give them so I think they stay in Oslob long term, which is not that great. However, where else will I get to swim with a bunch of whale sharks? So I gladly handed my $1000 peso entrance fee and went snorkelling with whale sharks. They are very big and peaceful. You get to swim 30 minutes with them which turns out to be a pretty exhausting 30 min since you are wading water trying to catch the whale sharks. Of course you can just hang by your rowboat and the whale sharks will make their rounds lured by the food.

Size: large


It was good we went so early because when we were done there was a large crowd of people.

Afterwards we took a boat to Dumagete. There are a lot of old white men with their young Filipino men living in that town. I mean, why do 20-30 sth year old pretty Filipino women see in these geriatric men? Financial stability? It’s definitely not for their looks, personality or the sex. The amount of Viagra those old men are popping must be quite staggering. But I suppose it’s none of my business and there is a good supply and demand.

Anyways, Dumagete is quite nice with a university smack in the middle of town. We found a cheap room and walked around the small town ( which took around 20 mins from one end to another). At night time I was quite tempted to try balut, the chicken egg with a semi fertilized chick inside. But the way they serve it is in some dark corner of the street and you have to squat to eat then so that was a bit of a turnoff.

We went to massage place where I got an incredible massage for 175 pesos, had dinner, we went to a bar with good live music and headed to bed like old people.



Cost: 6HKD



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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