From Dumagete we took the ferry to Siquijor. Siquijor is a small province and a small island. When we arrived we decided to go for a walk to the neighboring waterfall, but was side tracked by a young German who had made the island his home and wanted us to give him an opinion of a guest house he was building. Very random. So we didn’t end up going to the waterfall, just a swim at the beach and some walking done.

Beachfount guesthouse, not bad for $50hkd a day
Just taking a walk, and seeing kids play. No electronics required to have fun

The second day I signed up to do 2 dives which was very nice. Saw a massive turtle and loads of fishes. Diving isn’t the cheapest activity in the world, but it sure is fun and interesting! I went with Sea Pearl Divers run by a Dutch and it was 2 dives for 3000 pesos all inclusive

Spot the sea turtle


Pretty postcard perfect day to dive

Afterwards we rented a scooter and got the dead skin of our feet eaten by fishes under a 500 year old tree.

The local school bus

Then we had a wonderful dinner cooked island time ( over an hour of waiting) and went to the only “club/dancing place” on the island. All the young Filipino men thought I was Filipino and tried hitting on me in Tagalog which obviously failed and I ran away and hung out with a Swiss chap and a Canadian residing in Nunavat instead.

One and only “nightclub” on the island

Early next morning I took the opportunity to scooter up the mountain and around the island. It took so long we had to rush back to the guesthouse to grab my bag and to the ferry. My arse is incredibly sore from scootering so long but I am now confident at riding again since my pathetic bike crash in Malaysia 2 years ago.

My butt is pretty sore at this point

With that H and I parted was and she scootered off to continue on her journey while I caught the ferry to Bohol.


Living in Hong Kong, you forget that there are so many stars in the sky
Living in Hong Kong, you forget that there are so many stars in the sky

Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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