Tagbilaran, Bohol

On my last day in the Philippines I stayed at Tagbilaran . The hostel I stayed at is called Tr3ats and it’s really great, I recommend it to everyone. It is close to the city, has pool access, great lounging area, air con and hot water (a luxury in Philippines). The mattresses are so comfortable I thought I was in my own bed when I woke up, and that is saying a lot because my bed mattress is extremely comfortable.

Anyways enough with gushing about a good hostel. The night I arrive I was walking to the hostel and I saw a balut store, since it was still somewhat light out and didn’t look too dirty or dingy even though the stall was just on the side of the road, I suddenly had the courage to try balut because I couldn’t justify not trying. So for 15 pesos I had my balut, the semi fertilised egg. So it looks worse than it tastes. The balut is actually 3 parts: normally yolk part, the semi developed chick and a hard rubbery part. Add salt and eat. I didn’t want to think about it too much so I just popped the chick into my mouth along with the yolk, it was not bad. Just tasted like egg with a mushy part, I thought the rubbery part tasted stranger. But there you go, I ate balut, I can tick it off my to do list.

Yes yes it looks horrifying. But it tastes better than it looks, surprisingly



I woke up early to catch the bus to see the tarsiers, little primates with big buggy eyes. I caught a Jeepney to the bus station (8 peso) and then the bus headed for Carmen/ Loboc (25 peso).

The tarsier sanctuary is quite small and can be seen in 2 minutes. However the tarsiers are also tiny so it was fine.



The sanctuary had fresh coconuts which I had spent the whole trip looking for, so even though I wasn’t hungry I got one. The owner decided to give me the biggest , heaviest coconut and after I drank about a litre of the coconut it was still not empty so I had to hand it back unfinished because I didn’t want to pee on the bus. Good stuff though.


Then because of time constraints I didn’t see continue the road to Carmento see the Chocolate Hills, instead I headed back to the city and had my let Ube Ice cream and meal.



And then I headed to the airport where the tuk tuk driver actually undercharged me! Then my Air Asia flight was delayed for 2 hours due to navigational panel issues. And I got to Manila airport which is really a terrible airport but I still had to pay 550 pesos for their terminal fees. I don’t know what they are upgrading but the only thing they have is free internet.

Back to work the next day. Until my next trip.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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