Railay again- third time

So my third time to Railay in as many years, running out of things to blog about this place but my love for this little place will always grow.

Changes abound though, last year I stayed in Tonsai beach , this year the beachfront huts and restaurants on Tonsai beach is all gone! Razed for a new big resort that will take up the entire beach. When we went , there was 4 ugly cement walls and a bulldozer bulldozing away!

Also, upgrade from prior years is that I stayed in a nice resort. Hot water, flush toilet  and pool! More importantly, no more puking through the floor boards when suffering from food poisoning like last year!

It’s nice finally not pinching pennies.

Railay is a great place for R&R. The beach! The sunset! The view!


But of course anyone who knows me knows I never go on a beach vacation. Of course this is a 4 day back to back climbing trip!

35m 6c on Thaiwand Wall ( my first 6c lead!)


I also met up with H and made her climb a 6a, which she did after some encouragement. Very impressed:)

And I got my first ladyboy massage. Amazing! A buff dude that’s a woman but strong like a man. Total relaxation.

And that’s it. Until next trip.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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