Nanjing 南京

And yet another trip to Shanghai to visit M. This time I enjoyed a 4 hour delay due to air traffic controls in China. It was at least enjoyable to head the Cathay captain seething.

So on the Saturday I went on a day trip with M to Nanjing, about 1.5 hours by the bullet train from Shanghai. While we were waiting for the train I found a Xian restaurant where I had my favourite cold noodles 涼皮 and Chinese hamburgers 肉夾饃.

I had been interested in Nanjing since I watched the really horribly sad movie called “The Rape of Nanjing” which is based on a true event in WWII. But more on that later.

First stop we took the taxi to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall 中山陵。So he basically is the founder of modern China and he founded the KuoMingTang (the founding party of Taiwan) but he is also respected by the communist government even though they overthrew him. Anyways, he is buried in Nanjing and this huge monument.


It was very hot and required a lot of stair walking. But at the top there was a nice view of Nanjing. When we reached the top , we saw it was about to rain so we went back down and cabbed to our next destination.

The next stop was to the Nanjing massacre  Memorial. So basically in WWII the Japanese took over Nanjing, and since Nanjing was a walled city all the people were trapped inside the city (mainly children, old and women). So over the course of the 10mths of occupation the Japanese invaders killed 300,000 ppl and raped all the women. Fun times. I highly recommend the movie “rape of Nanjing”. Most westerners don’t know the events that happened in China under the hands of the Japanese.

So there’s a memorial in Nanjing for that where they found the mass grave for a lot of the victims. You can see the bones and stuff. They made the memorial place very modern with modern sculptures and stuff, quite nice.

 And since time was running out, we then took another cab ride to see the lake and old city wall and left Nanjing.

 There isn’t too much to see in Nanjing but it was a nice trip out of boring Shanghai. The cab drivers in Nanjing are very interesting. One of them kept trying to practice his 5 English words that he knew over and over again. While another one told me a ridiculously racist joke about African people. Chinese people are so racist and they don’t even know it. 


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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