SanQingShan 三清山, China

On September 4th, the Chinese government gave us an unexpected holiday. The 70th anniversary of the defeat of Japanese forces during WWII. That was great because I got an excuse to go on a little excursion with M to a mountain called SanQingShan in JiangXi province.

I found this mountain randomly because I was thinking of alternatives to staying for 3 days in Shanghai and I wanted to escape the crowds in China on a public holiday (a major feat). I stumbled on a few blogs saying that this mountain didn’t have too many tourists and I had found that a new HSR was completed in July 2015 allowing me to travel from Shanghai to Sanqing in about 3 hours.


So here are some photos. We took the cablecar up and down the mountain because there are so many stairs already for the walk itself. The entire walk around the trails takes about 7 hours, but we only had 4 so we did a shorter circuit. I walked at least 100 flight of stairs according to by iphone tracker.

Plank walkway. Notice the lack of crowds on a public holiday.

The entire mountain was very misty and foggy adding to the atmosphere. But by luck we did manage to have so clear patches in the most scenic path of the trail. It is very pretty, and even M said it was prettier then Huangshan and a lot less people as well.


Boa's head
Boa’s head
The money shot. Hard to take a panorama with rolling fog.
The money shot. Hard to take a panorama with rolling fog.

I think the fog and mist added a lot of character to the place. Also, the scenery here is so nice, I think we could only handle glimpse of the landscape. If it had been sunny with 360 view, our heads might have exploded from sensory overload. Everything in moderation.

So after a night there, we took the train back to Shanghai, stopping in Huangzhou along the way. Very disappointing. Extremely hazy and a million people. I saw West Lake and had to take a black and white photo so I didn’t have to see a yellow polluted sky. We left after 5 minutes.

In the end, rural China is amazing. Urban China…not so much.

Travel tips: to get to SanQingShan. Book HSR Shanghai – Yushan 玉山 (around 2.5hours). From there you can either take the public bus to the main bus terminal where you can then transfer to another bus that goes from Yushan to SanQingShan. Or you can be like us, grab a private car (lots of people going to offer a car) and get to SanQingShan in under 1 hour from the HSR. We paid 130Yuan total for each way with a lady who drove crazy but had a nice SUV.

Accommodation: There are hotels on top of the mountain or at the bottom. SanQingShan is a tiny tourist village and are priced so accordingly.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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