Yazd, Iran

From Shiraz we took a long 7 hour bus ride to Yazd. In Yazd we stayed our first night in Kohan Hotel in the old city $35USD. Not sure why it is rated so highly on Lonely Planet/ Trip Advisor because it has a smelly washroom, no working Internet and beds so old the bedsprings were jamming into my ribs. The first day we spent the late afternoon exploring the pretty city. The old town really looked like a scene from Star Wars. The old city has these staircases leading down to the wells everywhere, quite creepy.

The Masjed-e Jameh Mosque was really impressive. It’s minaret is one of the highest in Iran.

Majid e Jame mosque in Yazd. Highest minearet in Iran.
Majid e Jame mosque in Yazd. Highest minearet in Iran.

We tried to look for dinner as the hotel restaurant was empty. Every restaurant we went into was dreadfully empty so we were left with no choice but to eat at a fast food joint, very sad to eat burgers in the Middle East.

Early next morning through the hotel we booked a driver who would take us to the surrounding places of interest. (1.5 million rials for driver from 830am-2pm)

First we went to KHARANAQ خرانق, a virtually deserted and crumbling mud-brick village believed to be over 1000 years old. Pretty sure we hastened the destruction of the village by climbing to the roofs. I can just imagine the roofs caving in and me falling through anytime.

Kharanaq- crumbling mud village
Kharanaq- crumbling mud village

Then we went to CHAK CHAK چک, Iran’s most important Zoroastrian pilgrimage site. Le­gend has it that after the Arab invasion in AD 637, the Sassanian princess Nikbanuh fled to this site. Short of water, she threw her staff at the cliff and water began dripping out –chak, chak means ‘drip, drip’. Its really cool where it is situated, located really in the middle of nowhere but desert and barren mountains, its vantage point is superb. Reminded me of LOTR for some reason.

Chak Chak. Much more impressive in real life than this photo.
Chak Chak. Much more impressive in real life than this photo.

And last to MEYBOD ميبد Narin Castle which was first built in 4000 BC  and the oldest existing mud-brick structure in Iran. The Pigeon house in Maybod was very cool as well.

Pigeon house, where they housed 4000 pigeons for their poop.
Pigeon house, where they housed 4000 pigeons for their poop to use as fertilizers for their watermelons.

Afterwards we checked into a different hotel “Silk Road hotel” since Kohan had no vacancy. This hotel was slightly more expensive at $50USD a night but the beds and rooms were so much better. Also their wifi albeit slow actually worked and their breakfast was excellent and their restaurant actually had customers and was good.

Traditional Iranian hotels have nice cooling gardens
Traditional Iranian hotels have nice cooling gardens

Anyways around early evening we got a taxi to take us to the Towers of Silence ,Dakhmeh-ye Zartoshtiyun برج. Basically Zoroastrians  do not believe in burying their dead because they believe it pollutes the earth so instead they build these towers on top of the hills and place the body at the platform on the top and the vultures will eat the body. The site hasn’t been used since the 60s as they now use a different method of burying the dead. Too bad, I would have liked to see the epic vulture eating scene.

Towers of Silence
Towers of Silence

Finally after we saw everything, we went to eat dinner at the hotel and I promptly fell asleep on the soft bed. What a way to spend our 3rd wedding anniversary. Living life 🙂


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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