Qingyuan Rock Climbing Trip #2

Skipped Halloween this year to go rock climbing. Getting drunk and squeezing into LKF is overrated when I can be in the countryside, eat good food and climb all while I would spend a lot less then getting drunk.

So not much to write except to not trust the weather reports cuz they totally failed. It rained both days we were there nonstop.

Saturday morning started out terribly. We went to the new crag (城…)bolted by Kailas earlier in 2015 after a bit of searching. Then the second we placed our gear down, it rained soaking everyone. We called our driver again who got yelled at by the locals because apparently no one is allowed to climb at the new crag anymore and would have to pay a fine of 10,000 rmb. Poor driver.

So we went to check out One of the more popular crags, but it was packed and everyone was belaying in the rain and looked sad and miserable! But luckily we found another crag that was less crowded.

So we climbed there on Saturday and Sunday because it was the only option. The crag itself is a bit of a tourist site so several times we got hoards of tourists staring at us and taking photos. I also overheard some people having plans to make it a 3* attraction complete with spraying waterfall. Hopefully, that does not happen.

And that’s about it. The food was good at the farm as usual. The bed was rock hard. The squat toilet sucked.

The end.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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