Long Dong, Taiwan (龍洞,台灣)


 Recently, I went to Long Dong near Taipei to climb for 2 days. We rented a car and got lost multiple times the first day due to complicated signage in Taiwan. The second day went much smoother.

The first day was cold and cloudy. But I didn’t take any photos because I was massively hungover and slept on a rock practically all day. We went to Backyard Crag and stayed there until it was pitch black. The grades were quite stiff.

The second day I was feeling much better and we went to Long Lane. It was very nice and I took a 7m whipper twice, which was probably the most I had fallen in my life. The first time was terrifying as I wasn’t sure if I would smack my face on the corner. Luckily I fell past that.

That is it. I really enjoyed climbing in Long Dongg but the weather there is so fickle and once it rains, all rotes get wet. I would like to go again but maybe try Trad next time! Logistically wise, we rented a car and sleeped in Taipei. It was very convenient, one could have bussed or stayed at the hostel but we enjoyed the night markets of Taipei.

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