Tokyo Series 2016 Visit 1

Since M moved to Tokyo and will remain there for the first half of 2016. I will be visiting lots and will make a continuous blog post of it. I also have a feeling there is going to be a lot of food photos in the series because there is never bad food in Japan. With the low yen and high HKD/USD exchange rates, I feel like Japan is so cheap for the amount of quality food and stuff you get.

Jan 1-3

Taking a flight on New Years Day at 830am is never a great idea. But luckily we had a somewhat tame New Year Eve Party that was more about food than booze. Even so, we only got 3 hours of sleep before we headed to the airport. At the airport we splurged and took a taxi to M new apartment since he had oversized luggage, luckily we landed in Haneda airport so the taxi fare was only about $50 USD.

Jan 1st, Practically everything in Japan is closed since everyone goes to the temples instead to pray for the upcoming year. The streets were so quiet! By the time we got moved in, the sun was already setting so M and I just explored his neighbourhood. We discovered he lives right near Tokyo Tower and Atago Shrine so that’s convenient!

Next two days my sister was also in Tokyo so we walked a lot, shopped and ate. Naturally we went to Tsukiji Fish Market and ate sashimi rice bowls. I was pleasantly surprised most of the visitors that day were Japanese people. Here are some food photos:

3 bowls Chirashi Don + extra uni + 3 draft beers for 9000 yen ($75usd). A bit stiff but this is the freshest sashimi anyone gets to eat:

  And we also checked out the Ramen Street in Tokyo Station where I had the best and only Vegetarian ramen I ever had (980 yen / $8 USD): 
Breakfast. Japanese people make better American style breakfast than America. (3200 yen / $27 USD) 

Rotating sushi , 17 plates of nigiri + 3 draft beers for 4500yen / $28 USD.

Other than food … We also checked out M’s, the 7 floor sex store in Akihabara because we heard about it. I learnt a lot and Japanese people can really think of everything and men women all go in because it’s to all normal and accepted in Japan.

Lastly we checked out the 3 floor bouldering gym in Akhiabara. I would move to Tokyo because of this place. I am jealous M gets the play in here.
That’s it, till next time which will be soon.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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