Yufuin, Kyushu, Japan 湯布院

It’s Chinese New Year holiday in Hong Kong. So that means it’s time to flee the city and go on holidays. This year I go to Japan. First on a road trip with my parents in the island of Kyushu, then Tokyo, and finally Sapporo.

First day I land in Fukuoka and we head to Yufuin in Oita prefecture. Yufuin is a Hot spring town (Onsen) so there isn’t much to do but eat, relax, soak in hot spring.

So we go hot spring, except this onsen is private and outdoor . But I refuse to go with my dad in the same tub, naked like the Japanese families do so dad goes alone. 

For dinner we eat at a tofu resturant:

I am not used to sleeping on the floor on the tatami, so I had a very back pained filled sleep. In the morning it snowed, but luckily it melted after breakfast.

Typical Onsen Breakfast:  
So we took a walk in the tourist street, which is quite big given a town this size. Lots of Taiwanese vacationers also taking advantage of the CNY break.   

Popular coquette shop:   
Tourist street: 

And visited the small lake.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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