Tokyo #2 , Japan 2016

My 2nd visit to Tokyo for 2016. It was CNY and I didn’t want to encounter my crazy Chinese shopping comrades so I took a less touristy path.

There was a cool art exhibit at Mori Art Gallery by Murakami Takashi so I went to check that out. The exhibition focused on Murakami’s recent works, mainly his epic The 500 Arhats (2012), a 3-meterhigh, 100-meter-long painting of the 500 enlightened followers (arhats) of Buddha, created in response to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.


Ate lunch at this place in Ginza with delicious Sashimi Don for ¥1500. A bargain for the neighbourhood and not too touristy as it was mostly filled with Ginza businessmen. (editing this blog post and seeing this photo makes me salivate).

Went to the Ghibli Museum. I am not sure if the tickets are hard to buy or not but I pre ordered them 3 months in advance in HK. Otherwise you can buy them at Lawson’s. I love Ghibli works and it is amazing that a lot of his ideas are drawn into hand paintings that look so real. Compared to Pixar or Disney cartoons his works are really masterpieces in storytelling and depth; his works like My Meighbor Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, Howls Moving Castle, etc is in a class of their own. What a pity no photos could be taken, but I am inspired to watch all his works. I am saddened to know that the creator is in a semi retired state and his art will be lost as being obsolete in this digital age.

Then, I left M to fly back to HK. But I didn’t because upon arriving at Haneda Airport I realize I went to the wrong airport… Thereby missing my flight. Very shameful for someone who is so normally on top of the logistics when it comes to travelling. 😅😅😅 Very luckily the ticket this time was paid for by M company so it was a very flexible (expensive) ticket that allowed changes and I was able to change my flight to the next morning for no extra charge. Thank my lucky stars that this potentially costly mistake turned out alright.

Actually in hindsight, this missed flight was a blessing since I decided to go get an X Ray to get a sick note instead of getting an extra vacation day deducted. An X Ray and CT Scan later, the Orthopedic Doctor informed me I got a fractured scaphoid from my little tumble in Hokkaido. Whoops. I will now be casted for 4 weeks and hopefully not longer because it isn’t too serious of a fracture. Its a good thing I found out now rather than later that it wasn’t only a sprain because I can hopefully still make it to my big Easter Climbing Trip in 5.5 weeks. I rather climb easy stuff than iss out on an amazing trip. So here is to eating lots of protein and calcium, getting lots of sleep and cutting back on alcohol in an effort to have a speedy recovery.

Trying to hold off on the urge to draw on this until the last week.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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