Tokyo #3, Japan 2016

3rd visit to Tokyo in as many months. This time I actually had to pay for the tickets and by luck I scored some for $1200 on HK Express ($150USD). This time the usual gang decided to all go to Tokyo too to make it a weekend of feasting.

First thing is first, I went to eat nigiri sushi at Sushizenmai. The Mcdonalds of sushi chains in Japan.

Next day, the whole gang of 10 headed to Fuji Q, one of the best roller coaster amusement parks in the world.

I love roller coasters and it has been years since I went on a proper scary one. This amusement park only had proper scary ones.  Basically there are 4 big coasters in Fuji Q all breaking a record of some sort: one that has a 120 degree fall (steepest), one with the most number of inversions/ twists in the world, one with the highest acceleration, and one with the highest fall.



My favourite was the roller coaster below: Fujiyama , the longest ride and highest fall in the world. As the roller coaster climbed higher and higher the height went to 40m…50m….60m…. (by 40m we were higher than all other coasters)… again the look of terror on M was classic as we climbed higher and higher. Of course when the coaster was climbing he was like “I don’t want to do this”. As if one can leave a roller coaster when you are pinned to the seat. Anyways, finally at 79m the coaster had a sign of “World Record for highest roller coaster!” (I didn’t even know it was going to be a world record height)… the plunge was awesome and M immediately yelled ” this is awesome”. Men.

The queues at Fuji Q are pretty long, even for winter. But they had the weirdest skits featuring these fake power rangers broadcasted on the tv’s in the line to keep us entertained.

That night we stayed up late, ate raw chicken sashimi and drank fancy cocktails and Japanese draft beer.

This is raw chicken sashimi. No I didn’t die of salmonella. It’s Japan. The breast was better than the red meat.


Cool bar called “the library”. You pick a fruit, the bartender makes a cocktail. 

The final day was a slow day with a slow start and early end as I had to fly out from Narita that evening. I did have a delicious bowl of sushi don at Tsukiji.



That’s it, a fairly uneventful trip. Until next time which will hopefully be much more exciting if I get the all clear from the doctor regarding my wrist in 2 days. Fingers crossed!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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