Bishop, California. USA ~ climbing trip

For Easter break, I went to Bishop and Red Rock for a climbing trip. I was really nervous about going as the doctor said I couldn’t climb since I needed more recovery time for my fractured wrist but I went anyways since I bought the tickets and I could hang out with my sister who was joining us. I figured it would be good to at least take photos and hang out with my sister.

The first day we drove to Bishop. Not much to report except Vietnamese food is much better in USA than HK. Probably due to the large Vietnamese population in USA.

Hostel California, the climber hostel in Bishop. Now one of my favorite hostels.

Day 1 and Day 2 we went to Owens River Gorge. I tried to climb and surprisingly felt OK and had no pain. So we did some easy stuff as I didn’t want to put too much pressure on my wrist. Owens is quite nice and easily accessible with many climbs.

The scramble up and down Owens River Gorge
A nice and long climb at owens river gorge


Day 3 and 4 got really cold in Bishop so we went bouldering since it is so well known. The place we were staying at, Hostel California, lent out free bouldering mats so that was nice since t would have cost us $10/mat to rent otherwise. We first tried bouldering in Buttermilks but it was really cold and snowing. So we went to check out Happy  Boulders which was a bit warmer. It was great bouldering because I had never bouldered outdoors before and I ended up doing some highballs and steep problems. I definitely understand the appeal of bouldering now! It is much more social and chill than sport climbing!

Happy Boulders, just 15 min drive from Bishop
Highball bouldering in Buttermilks.
Another highball at Happy Boulders
The infamous peabody boulders. 5 stories high, I don’t think I have the guts to ever do this highball.

Other than climbing we also went to the natural hot springs near Mammoth Lakes. It was awesome! I have never gone and soaked in a natural hotspring. The view was spectacular and the night view with the million of stars was something I missed seeing. One doesn’t see stars in Hong Kong.

The million dollar view at mammoth lakes hotspring

After that, my sister left and we continued driving to Las Vegas to check out Red Rock Canyon.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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