Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas. USA – rock climbing trip

From Bishop we drove to Las Vegas via a very mountainous and desolated road.

We drove with half a tank thinking we could get gas in Nevada and take advantage of the cheaper gas prices. However, we did not count on the very mountainous road and absolute lack of gas stations for the next 4 hours. What we saw on google as towns ended up being 5 house hamlets with no gas stations.

33 miles from a trucker town called Beatty on the I95 our car was about to run out of gas. ( the light had been on for about 30 mins already) and we had no reception to call AAA and it was pitch black with no cars except trucks. Out of the blue we spot a Bed and Breakfast really in the middle of nowhere. I really can’t stress how middle of nowhere this B&B was. We pull in hoping to ask the owner for gas but find an empty lot and a huge sign that states “no gas/ no toilets/ no bad…”.

Then suddenly a car pulls up and it’s the owner! He just happened to be returning home and when he saw our predicament he offered to help and gave us 5 gallons of gas for free! (We paid him obviously) It was a miracle! We would have been so stuck until daylight! Shoutout to the B&B: The Shady Lady!

Lesson learnt: always fill up the gas tank to full before a long drive.

The owner should consider changing this B&B into a gas station instead. He would get a lot more visitors. Allegedly, this B&B used to be a brothel, hence the name.

Anyways, we got to Las Vegas eventually and the day after we met up with a climber , Patrick, I had contacted before on Mountain Project to climb with. It turned out to be a great day as we didn’t have a guidebook but Patrick did and knew his way around. He took us to a bunch of crags which would have been very hard to find without a book and give us tons of tips of where to climb the following day.

Can’t get enough of the view at Red Rocks. Hard to believe, its only 10min drive to Las Vegas!

Day 2 in Red Rock and we were finally a group of 3. To maximize efficiency we decided to onsite everything and we aimed to do 10 climbs each per person. We ended the day doing a multipitch called “Big Bad Wolf” and naively decided to start at 545pm. As we reach the top it was already 7ish and was getting quiet dark… No one bought a headlamp and my friend only had prescription sunglasses on. As we are at the top we also see a police car chasing people away with loudspeakers as the park was closing. Fearing our car would be ticketed, we rappel and clean down at breakneck speed (well fast for us). My friend wearing prescription sunglasses is totally blind at this point and we proceed to find our way back with our cellphone lights. Luckily the car didn’t get ticketed and we finish 3 pitch multipitch with 3 people and 2 ropes in 2 hours. That was a long 13 hours day of climbing.

One of the many climbs we did at Red Rocks. Beautiful sandstone.
Red Rocks is also known for its boulders. This is called The Cube at Kraft Boulders.

Our last day we are exhausted from climbing non stop for the past week. We decide wisely to only climb for half a day and check out the Las Vegas Strip. We met up with a friend, had beers and chilled. Then I headed off to the airport to embark on a 28 hour journey to Tokyo to see M.

Hard to get tired of this view. Next time I come, I will know how to trad climb.

Why is it 28 hours? Because I have to fly from Las Vegas (1.5 hour flight, 4.5 hour layover) – San Francisco (14.5 hour flight, 2 hour layover)- Hong Kong (5 hour flight) – Tokyo


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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