20 hours of Sailing around Hong Kong

After giving up on sailing dinghy’s due to:  (1) near impossibility to renting double handed boats at the LCSD on weekends and (2) lack of wind meaning being roasted alive on a small boat, I put the thought of sailing out of my mind. That is, until recently when I had the opportunity to go on a racing sailboat for practice.

I went on one training session and enjoyed it, so the next time there was an opportunity to sail at night and join a race the morning afterwards, I naturally decided to cancel my flight to Japan to see the husband and take this opportunity instead (I asked permission).

Of course, when we start sailing it’s amber rain. Literally for the first 2 hours I felt like the sky had more water pressure than my shower. My fake windbreaker/ rain jacket that I got for $100HK completely soaked through. Then the wind died and it stopped raining as we ended up motoring to Sai Kung to moor. We had a few drinks and slept as much as we could in the berth of the boat which wasn’t very comfortable since the sailboat was designed for racing not cruising.

FullSizeRender (1)
A little wet.
Sailing at night is disorientating. But good thing you can always see HK skyline.

5am wakeup call. Sail back to HK Island. There is a nice breeze and the sky has cleared up. A spectacular sunrise and very enjoyable cruise back to get ready for the 10am race.

5am leaving Sai Kung
Haven’t seen such a nice sunrise in a long time
630am, nice weather, nice breeze. What’s not to love.

Race time, so  it was a business and no photos.  Since I am a total noob and the most inexperienced crew member, I ended up being the grinder while being taught some basic pit work. I am really liking the whole team sailing idea with multiple people working specific tasks to achieve perfect coordination to execute a move. Of course during race time, the HK summer finally decides to show up and everyone starts burning. But overall sailboat racing is really fun, and I hope to do more of it!



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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