Yangshuo 2016

Yangshuo again. Perhaps this can be a yearly pilgrimage trip.

This time we took the train from Guangzhou E, stayed overnight and took the early morning train to the new HSR station in Yangshuo which actually wasn’t in Yangshuo but in Xingping. In Guangzhou we had a hard time catching a cab because all the cabs refused to go into the cab line and use their meters. I will avoid this route again if possible.

Day 1: we spent at Swiss Cheese Wall. I never knew there was a Left side to the wall with much harder grades. I did a nice TR 7a called Big Blister which I feel is doable in the future.  We also ate at the restaurant at Swiss Cheese for the first time and their veggies were quite good although their noodles were instant noodles.

One can never have enough fresh cucumbers! Funny thing is, I hate cucumbers in any other circumstances.

Day 2: we went to The Egg. What an amazing place. Why have I not been there before? It is protected from the rain and has a magnificent view. I flashed “Hanging in the Balance” a 6b+ which was really cool.

Then we ate at the riverside restaurant and gorged on food.

The obligatory Yangshuo panoramic shot
The amazing view nearing sunset at The Egg.
Me climbing.

Day 3: we wanted to go to Low Mountian but the driver took us to White mountain because he hear Bai Shan instead of Ai Shan. We didn’t know where we were since we were looking at low mountain map but after some wandering, we met a climber who pointed us to The Egg. I am sure this story has been spread around Yangshuo already.

We finished the day at Gans Noodles , my favourite noodle restaurant in the world. (No joke). After 3 years being a returning customer, we took a photo with the boss.

Oil splash noodles 油潑面 . The boss makes it different from how it is in Xian, but it is still so good. I think the key is the hand cut noodles. You can’t go wrong with 12RMB

On our final day it was raining heavily and we had to leave early. So the driver recommended Lei Pi Shan. Too bad the easiest routes were 6b , which we did. One had wasps where my friend got stung and the other was very wet at the top. Then we tried a 7c because it already had quickdraws there. Obvious fail there. Then we tried a 7a which was fun but I suck at overhangs so I need to work on that.

The 7c which we pretended to do.

Overall another great trip and I really need to spend more time in Yangshuo. Maybe in October…


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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