Nikko, Japan

We were planning to go climb Mt.Fuji in late June, but the 130km/h wind and thunderstorm put a stop to that. So we decided to head to Nikko National Park instead on a day trip which turned out to be a dumb idea.

Our itinerary in Nikko:

1.Board train at 7:45 arriving at Nikko Station at 10:30am onboard the Tobu train which costs around 1660 Yen round trip.

2.Arrive at Nikko with no cash. There is no Lawson or 7-11 so unable to get any cash out as most Bank ATMs in Japan don’t accept international cards. Finally manage to find one 1 hour later at the post office.

3. Board 12:10 bus to Nikko National Park arriving at the trailhead of Senjogahara Plateau at 1:10.

4. Finish hike at 3:30

5. Wait for bus back to JR station to take the 5:30 train back to Tokyo

6. Get to Tokyo at 8:30pm

So we basically spent 8 hours on a transport, 1 hour looking for an ATM, 1.5 hours of waiting for transport, and 2.5 hours of actually hiking.Biggest waste of a day ever. If anyone goes to Nikko, either rent a car, stick with the shrines or don’t go for less than an overnight trip.

But here are some nice photos. It still wasn’t worth the trip, but we ticked it off the bucket list.

A creek
A waterfall
A walkway




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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