Hokkaido Roadtrip- Day 4: Akan National Park

Drove to Akan National Park and saw their 3 famous lakes.

Lake 1: Mashu- Ko is allegedly the most beautiful lake in Japan. In the middle of the lake is a little island. Apparently the island is a grandma who turned into stone waiting for the grandson who never returned. Also the lake is covered in most most of the time, if you ever see the lake being clear, it brings you bad luck. I.e no children, etc. We saw it on a brilliantly clear day, it was pretty but windy.


Lake 2: Kussharo-ko is the biggest lake. The beach on the lake has hot spring water beneath the lake. Dig into the sand a little bit and it gets hot!

Lake Mashu Ko

Lake 3:  lake Akan, where we stayed.


Took a walk to Mt. Io which means sulfur mountain. It’s cool because it’s not too roped off and you can literally touch the sulfur rocks and have all the gas blowing in your face. A nice changed to the overly precautions Japanese system.

Sulfur Mountain

Our hotel was a really nice  onsen hotel right by Lake Akan. My mother enjoyed it and the food was much better than the past days. The Onsen was a literal playground with tons of different pools, a cave, a huge outdoor area both at ground and rooftop level.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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