Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Two weeks after our Hokkaido trip, we went to Okinawa for a weekend. This trip occurred because I found a cheap flight to Vancouver on Cathay but it had to first originate from a city in Japan via Hong Kong then to Vancouver. I had never been to Okinawa so off we went after buying a one way ticket on Peach Airlines first.

Since we were only there for 48 hours, we decided to just base ourselves in Naha and rent a car for the day to explore the souther tip of Okinawa Island.

There were lots of memorial sites from WWII, which we didn’t go to since I am Chinese and it wouldn’t be right nor was interested anyways; there were also very pretty and clean beaches with not so many people.

Miibaru Beach – very nice and few people.
Seeing the kitesurfers makes me inspired to learn
Very clean water- unlike Hong Kong
Lots of surfers at this location

Although our visit was short, I have to say this might be my favourite part of Japan! It’s like a Japanese Hawaii! People care less about their image and more about having fun. I.e less girls wearing perfect makeup and high heels and more into water sports. I will be back 🙂


Some food we ate.


Delicious Yakitori by Sakaemachi Arcade. Boss rejected every other foreigner, male only groups, anyone looking over 35
Flying back, over Hong Kong.

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