Last week, I went to Vancouver for a visit and I had an incredibly productive week. Since I grew up in Vancouver, I didn’t do anything touristy, but I did a lot since I had perfect weather, friends & family to see, mountains to climb, beers to drink, etc.

In 7 days I managed to:

1. Attend a wedding of my high school friend 

2. Go on a 2 day girls trip to the Sunshine Coast. Very relaxing.

A cairn/ inukshuk. It marks the way for many trails. Very canadian term.


Relaxing at our cottage in Sechelt

3. Take a 2 day Trad Climbing course in Squamish

The Chief. Didn’t climb this, but next year!


M leading a 5.7 Trad climb in Smoke Bluffs. Instructor said we did good placements. Yay.

4. Eat good food

This was a lot of Nachos. I forgot Vancouver food portion size is much larger than Hong Kong. At: Wallflower, a very hipster restaurant.


Western food is so good and cheap in Vancouver! The favourable exchange rate really helps. I still hate that I have to pay tax and tips on top of the meal. Thats like 25% above listed price! Location: Craft Beer Market. Great food, but SO much Tap Beer.


5.Drink a lot of craft beer

There is now so many craft brewries in Vancouver and it’s so cheap compared to Hong Kong! Yes, I do think $6 beer is cheap though if I add the tax, alcohol tax and tip I realize I only think its So cheap due to the favourable exchange rate. There used to be barely any when I lived in Vancouver 3 years ago. So that has changed. (Along with the tons of marijuana dispenseries now)

This might or might not be Main Street Brewery.

6.Climb at The Hive North Shore


Highball bouldering. Scary. Very nice facilites there and huge training room. Saw Sean Mccoll there but it would have been uncool to ask for a photo.


7.Climb at Scully’s Hangout in Lynn Valley

Spent a short afternoon there. Nice technical face climbs, but quite soft for the grades. Good ego boost though. I miss these dry cool conditions, something that is seriously missing in Hong Kong summers.


8.Climb Star Chek in Squamish

The exposure. The roaring river.
The view.


I have been wanting to do this climb for years because the scenery and exposure is unreal. It’s super easy but so worth it. Managed to squeeze this in before flying out in the early afternoon.


9. Get my first tattoo

Sister tattoos! We were supposed to be getting them in Bishop last Easter but the store was closed. Really happy with mine. Rib tattoos don’t actually hurt that much.


A totally action packed week admist the jetlag. I really do love Vancouver when the weather is perfect. It is just so pleasent. Maybe one day I will move back, but not anytime soon. It will be good to visit every summer though.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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