Bali, Indonesia (Diving in Candidasa)

Another public holiday, another trip!

This time M was able to join and we went to Bali with many friends. This 4 day trip was mainly a diving trip, M was going to get his Open Waters and I was going to get my Advanced license.  After an eventful flight where the pilot aborted his landing at the last minute, we arrived in Candidasa at 3am.

Waking up at 7am the next day, I was greeted to this lovely view of our private villa that we found through AirBnB.

A little bit of paradise. 7 people served by 4-5 staff was a bit excessive.


Dive, Massage, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Living in such wonderful accomodation, I proceeded over next 3 days to be in a cycle of : Dive, massage, eat delicious food cooked by our cook, sleep. Completely pampered in every way.

I dove at: Candidasa, Manta Point and Tulamben. It was very neat to do Drift, Night and Wreck Diving. The diving in Bali is generally decent with lots of life, but there is quite a bit of garbage at certain locations.

Manta Ray Point: Too many divers, but only  1 large manta. Very impressive species nonetheless.


We also met up with HP as she was on her usual jaunter around random places and had a very nice Canadian Thanksgiving dinner feasting on Babi Guling (Roasted Suckling Pig).

Smaller photo to not shock the readers of this random blog. This pig could feed 15.

But that’s not all! On the last days, we parted ways with our friends as we had an earlier flight and stopped by Sanur Kite Beach “Kiteboarding Bali School” (very good instructors & support facilities)  where we managed to squeeze some kiteboarding lessons for M. He managed to waterstart and go in both directions for a long distance all in 3 hours! Amazing! What a smart hubby 😀

Kite Beach near Sanur, Bali. Quite big and clean flatwater area and steady wind.

In true fashion, our flight was at 6pm and we ended our kiting session at 345pm, still dripping wet and in swimwear when we arrived at the airport. What a jam packed yet restful vacation. I love Bali and Indonesia, the people there are even more friendly than Thailand.

Hug me, blue guy. I don’t want to leave Bali

Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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