Qingyuan, China 2016- a climbing trip

Hadn’t been back to Qingyuan in a year and I had no time for Yangshuo. So off we went again for a weekend.

The day we were to leave (Friday) , there was a typhoon 8, so we had no work. This meant a lazy day of eating and doing nothing. But seeing how a typhoon means lots of rain and wind, we opted to leave a few hours earlier than we had planned.

Not a very promising start to a climbing trip…
Our typhoon breakfast.

The journey was quite uneventful and the storm didn’t seem to have reached Qingyuan. What good luck because everything was completely dry! So we were pretty stoked for the next day.


Beautiful Qingyuan. A mini, rustic Yangshuo.

We ended up at a crag called “Wizard of Oz” or 白碧 that had a decent selections of  varied climbs.


A 27m 6c+ called “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”. 3 stars! My birthday send 😀

As usual, we ate at the farm 順德 really because the food is delicious and fresh, and it’s the only option in this tiny town.


Day 2 was fine weather as well. We wanted to check out this crag called “Golden Wall” but when we got there… they had built a giant new temple litereally hugging the rock wall and fenced off the entire area. Sigh, the speed of China development.

So we went to Big Temple crag…. and found a big tour group of at least 40 people camping and climbing there.

We gave up and went to Guanyin Peak… and found that they had made it a big tourist attraction and clear cutter all the bushes away. But it was still climable and no one else, so we stayed there. But every hour we had to deal with big groups of tourist taking photos/ using drones / gawking at us. No matter, still excellent climbs nonetheless. I managed to try an excellent climb of all tufa that I hadn’t had time to try a year prior. Hopefully, Guanyin Peak is still climable in the future…and not blocked off by future tourist development.

This climb haunts me. Unable to send yet again.

And that’s all. Back to home we went. A fun birthday trip for me.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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