Boracay, Phillipines 

I never thought I would end up going to Boracay. Nothing about Boracay attracted me; too many tourists, hustlers everywhere and undoubtedly just like dreaded Patong Beach, Phuket.

Well that all changed when I learned kiteboarding. Bulabog beach in Boracay is one of the premier destinations in Asia for kiteboarder sin the winter season and with a beach that was shallow, a perfect place for me to hone my skills.

It gets quite busy. And the beach can be quite dirty when the tide/wind/current is going a different direction.

Along with 6 friends, we made a short 3 day trip to Boracay flying in via Kalibo. We arrived to Boracay at 3am and by 8:30am we were ready to kite. On the first day, I brushed up my skills and then kited until it was dark, it was excellent.

Forecast was for rain and thunderstorms all day, but it only lasted 10 mins.

At night we were all pretty tired from the intense day and lack of sleep and were planning a chill and early to bed night . As we were strolling along the tourist strip near D’Mall we ran into the kiteboarding shop owner and he invited us to have beers with him which was nice.

Setting up kites with the helpful assistants

Day 2 we decided to take advantage of the less busy kiteboarding area and started our day at 8am again.
I was really getting the hang of kiteboarding and felt much smoother than the day prior until I got stung by a venomous sea urchin on my pinkie while having my hands in the sand. Unfortunately the spine had already dissolved so I was left with just waiting it to go away. The trick to speedy recovery, is to: soak effected area with hot water and vinegar, or lime juice, or pee. I tried the first two methods. The first worked much better. After 1 hour  later the swelling and pain had largely subsided and out I went again.

fat pinkie

The wind was quite a bit weaker in the afternoon so we checked out the famed white beach. It’s pretty and much much much nicer than the kite beach. But it was full of sellers although it’s a 7km pristine white sand beach so I am sure further it is more peaceful.

Beautiful, clean White Beach of Boracay. 

Or last day, we had to leave quite early so we were planning on kiting for one last morning session. Unfortunately I got the stomach flu undoubtedly from the disgusting sewage filled waters of Bulabog Beach which had drifted a ton of garbage to its shores on the 2nd and 3rd day. I did manage to drag myself out to kite for an hour before exhaustion overcame any fun I was having. Luckily my friends and M were nice and I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting on the way home.

Perks of kiting in the morning: no people. Cons: very shallow water which means lots of scraping of skin to rocks and sea urchin if you are a beginner falling everywhere.

And that’s all! A short and sweet vacation. Both my two friends who were learning managed to stand up on the boards and go. M and I got a lot better and we are excited for the next kiting trip. Not sure if I will go back to Boracay due to water situation and large number of people. But kiting on Union Beach nearby or else where in the Philippines is a definite option.




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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