New Zealand: Day 3 Wanaka to Queenstown

We woke up in our little tent, packed up and in this short time frame it went from sunny to windy and pouring. So we had a lazy morning drinking coffee and having breakfast.

Best muffins I ever had! (Kai Whakapa Cafe in Wanaka)
The weather cleared up at noon and we decided to try hiking Mt Isthumus as I had read online it was a nice less touristy alternative to Roy Peak. It was really pretty though fairly tiring with the continuous uphill climb and there were views at all time. In all it was a 5 hour return trip including a lunch break at the top.

Start of the Trail
Midway up the trail
Almost to the end!
The summit!
It was very nice but quite long and consistently uphill. 3 hours to the top and 2 hours back. But there was amazing views the entire time and totally worth it. I belive the round trip was 16km.


Pooped we drove to Queenstown and checked in to our little room I had booked a day earlier. We attempted to have dinner at Fergburger ( The most famous burger in New Zealand) but the 1.5 hour queue was not with it. So we went to Devil Burger and had a huge delicious  burger instead with almost no queue. Queenstown is very pretty but way too touristy. Not really my cup of tea but the outdoor stuff Is really awesome!

Nom Nom Nom. Burgers with cheesy garlic fries. #foodcoma

Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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