New Zealand: Day 4 Queenstown to Milford Sound

In the morning we spent went to Wye’s Creek near Queenstown to climb. Wye’s Creek is pretty awesome but a tiring 40 min track uphill. I really wanted to climb Wye’s Creek due to a roof climb called Dream Thing (21) that overlooked mountains and a beautiful blue lake. I even took a video of me climbing it…But I pointed the camera in the wrong angle so video failed šŸ˜¦ beautiful climb tho.

Uphill approach to Wye’s Creek
Wye’s Creekl Crag with Queenstown in the distance. The bolts are way more spaced apart than what I am used to.

In mid afternoon we headed for the driveĀ to theĀ infamousĀ Milford Sound. Milford Sound has very few accommodations and it is known to be extremely wet and rainy. I managed to book an accommodation for a 4 bed dorm room 6 months in advance at the Milford Sound Lodge! (the private rooms were all already booked out)

The start of the uber scenic drive from Te Anu to Milford Sound

The drive was very epic and amazing. The view was stunning. Homer Tunnel is an amazing feat of engineering. There are not enough words to describe the beauty of drive to Milford Sound so I will let the photos do the talking. But even the photo itself does not do it justice, one has to be there to truly experience the epicness.

All 3 photos were taken on the same spot:

View 1
View 2
View 3
The panorama shot with Homer’s Tunnel.

We also stopped by The Chasm along the way. Apparently there is climbing here, but it was far to cold for my liking and sandflies for days! There were quite a few people car camping at The Chasm parking lot, probably because there is not many options this far into the middle of nowhere.

This photo doesn’t do the Chasm any justice. It looks much cooler in real life.


The Milford Sound lodge was very nice and new. The kitchen facilities were awesome and clean. The best part was our dorm mates ended not coming so we got the whole room to ourselves. Honestly I would not tent camp in Milford Sound because there are:(1) sandlies that will suck all the blood out of you, (2) the Chance of rain is very high (3) it is freezing, (4) there is very few campsites close to Milford Sound.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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