Day 7&8: Dunedin to Christchurch

With the poor Mt Cook weather, we fled to Christchurch. But first,  we checked out Tunnel Beach near Dunedin which was very pretty.

Tunnel Beach
A small tunnel to access the beach.
Indeed, a very nice beach.

Then we drove to see the Moraki Boulders which was stated to be very famous. Biggest disappointment of New Zealand. These tiny ass rocks with a million tourists. I didn’t even bother walking the extra 50m to touch the stupid rocks, much less take a photo. Worst tourist attraction of New Zealand.

We arrived a Christchurch and decided to spend NYE watching Star Wars: Rogue One. Then we went for dinner and drinks nearby and spend the evening talking to an American couple and a Canadian solo traveller. With that we skipped the fireworks and went to bed. (Because living in HK my firework expectations are way too high)

We only had a half day on New Years before our flight home. So we thought we would rock climb in Christchurch! Except we totally failed over the course of 3.5 hours. We went to 3 separate crags: One we wandered for over an hour but couldn’t find the trail, the 2nd crag it was so windy I had trouble even just walking, the3rd the road was shut due to rockfall! So we gave up and went to the beach. It was so windy…

Wandering looking for a crag in Jan 1 and getting lost, scratched, and getting out exercise on in the scorching sun. 27 degrees on the last day after a week of sub 20!

And with that it was the end of the trip! In hindsight I would have skipped Dunedin and spent more time in Wanaka. Oh wells!

It was a wonderful trip and I hope to make it back to South Island sometime soon. New Zealand is super beautiful, all the sheeps and cows in New Zealand look so happy munching at grass overlooking the beautiful fields. What a life!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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