Mui Ne & Phan Rang, Vietnam

Another 4 day holiday due to Chinese New Year. We book a trip to go kitesurfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Mui Ne is a resort town around 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh famous for its winds and kitesurfing.

99% European tourists of which 90% are Russians. Does not feel like Vietnam

Of course, the day we arrive there is no wind in the forecast. So after a lot of pondering, sitting around wondering what to do. The kiteshop tells us there is a nearby surf spot. So we surf a bit, have lunch, wait for the wind that never comes and go and surf some more.

Baby waves for us noobs

The idea of staying in Mui Ne for another 2 days with no wind was extremly unappeling to us due to mediocuresurf spot, terrible Vietnamese food (I have never had worse Pho in my life)  and the tourist population being 90% Russian.

Seeing our desperation, the kiteshop tells us Phan Rang (2 hours north of Mui Ne) might have wind and hands us a flyer for “Phi’s Kiteboarding. I contacted this Mr.Phi and he quoted us $100USD per person for a 2D1N trip including transport and accomodation.  Since we were 4 people, we thought $400USD was a bit steep and looked for alternatives.

At any rate, the only other kiteshop in Phan Rang was Nihn Chu Bay Beach Club and they offered a slightly lower lesson rate and they were more helpful so we decided to go with them and found a return trip from Mui Ne to Phan Rang for $160USD (higher price due to Vietnamese New Year). At Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club, we asked about accomodations and they said we could stay in their tents for $10USD total so we randomly slept in a tent on the beach.

Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club. Very nice place to kite and hang out. Great Mexican food and Sangria.
Sunrise at Nihn Chu Bay Beach Club. In the summers you can kite right in front of their beach

First day kiting, we went to the lagoon near where Phi’s Kiteboarding was located. But we snuck in through the side (following the instructor who knew the way) and kited in a deserted area. It was amazing as the wind was steady and the lagoon was flat.

Much emptier than Boracay!

The 2nd day of kiting, we went to a beach. The wind was blowing when we arrived but as soon as I had set up the lines, the wind was compeltly dead! Luckily after an hour the wind went back up. But it was quite gusty and the wind wasn’t very strong enough for my 9m so with my beginner skills I couldn’t go upwind. But it was still a good learning opportunity as it was my first time kiting in such conditions.

Overly curious Vietnamese people want to touch everything not realizing how dangerous it can be. Language barrier did not help.


Delicious Vietnamese food at Loc Phac Restaurant in Phan Rang

With that, we drove 5 hours back to Ho Chi Minh City and ended our trip.

Early morning coffee in District 1, HCMC.

Good times, I hope to be back to Phan Rang. Very little tourists, great Vietnamese food and friendly locals.




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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