Boracay, Philippines Again!

After last trip to Boracay where I proceeded to be sick for 3 days from the dirty waters of Bulabog Beach, I told myself I wouldn’t go back for awhile. Of course, once I got better I forgot about that promise and found cheap flights back to Boracay via Iloilo.

The week before we were to depart for Boracay, the forecast was for zero wind. Luckily the forecast improved as the weekend went by so off we went on a red eye flight to Iloilo followed by a 5 hour car/ferry/tuk-tuk ride to Boracay. Luckily we are all super tired and passed out the entire car ride.

Less kiters than in December.

We arrived to Boracay before noon, and to my pleasent surprise and contrary to Windguru, there was wind! So after a quick lunch, I hopped into the ocean and kited. Then I kited more on Saturday (a full 6 hours!) and Sunday.

Bulabog Beach. The ugly beach of Boracay.
My favourite dog, “Boss” the Frenchie. Resident dog of Freestyle Academy. He loves his coconuts.

On  Saturday morning, the wind was weaker so I went out on a 12m. I was still struggling with going upwind and was trying to get myself out back to the ocean when a beginner learner behind me (further out in the ocean) lost control of their kite and crashed into me and someone else. With 3 kites tangled, and all of use very near the schools, beach and palm trees, I pulled my saftey. Luckily a helper saw my kite and grapped it so it was not damaged. Sadly, the 3rd kiter who also got caught in the tangle also released his saftey but no one was able to catch his kite and it ended up shredded on a palm tree. Kites are expensive and I thank my lucky stars my kite did not end up in that palm tree.

Lazy kiter: getting someone to pump, set up kite, clean lines, etc.

By Saturday afternoon, very motivated to leave the kite school area, I had progressed enough upwind to finally be able to kite near the shorebreak away from the kite students and the crowd. It was AMAZING to kite the entire length of Bulabog beach without having to dodge or stop for students.

Sunset at White Beach. It can be busy depending on which location you go, but that sunset!

On Sunday, after lunch, we packed our bags and left for Iloilo. It was a long car ride back on bumpy roads. Not sure if I can do that ride back to iloilo from Boracay again.

Halo Halo. Delicious!

Wind: Used a 9m and 12m (mostly 9m) kite.





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