Sailing Trip Around Thailand Andaman Sea

Almost a year ago, a friend who is an experienced sailor,  invited us to a week long sailing trip around the Adaman Sea in Thailand. After almost waiting a year for this trip, it finally happened last week. The week past by so fast everything happened in a blur; I shall try to recount what we did over our sailing trip.

The Route:


Day 1: Phuket Yacht Haven Marina to Koh Phanak.

10 of us set sail from Phuket Haven Marina. We get caught in a storm just as we anchor for the night and the engine dies. Luckily the charter company sends some technicians over and fix our issue. (Broken electrical wiring)

Getting ready to set sail on our 48′ sailboat.
Our Sail Boat
Kayaking around the karst landscape
Stormy skies ahead

Day 2: Koh Phanak to Koh Kudu Yai. We spend the morning exporing some hidden hongs (sinkholes) before the tourist day trippes arrived. We then anchor off in a beautiful anchorage between two islands and discover a crag right across from us.

Can you spot the kayak and boys in a cave. The entrance to a hidden hong.
The hongs of Koh Phanak
Kayaking around the hongs before the tourist boats come
Flat water. No wind. But a show off boat in the distance.

Day 3: Koh Kudu Yai to Railay. We climb this crag at sunrise and then set sail for Railay. We were headed to kayak some mangrove forest when we get caught up in a storm and proceed to sail for the next 4 hours to Railay with lovely winds.

The Hang on Ko Ku Du Yai. A rarely visited crag (Titanium bolted!) across from our anchorage point. We had to kayak in and spend the early morning there. Can you spot me?


4-5 hours of fun sailing, jibing and trimming sails , we arrive to Railay. The Catamaran tries to race us for an hour as we head to our anchorage in Railay East.


Day 4&5: We climb in Railay.

Sunrise in Railay. Early starts because it gets hot in the boat!
Panorama shot from Railay. 4th time back and still as beautiful as ever.

M trying hard on a mushroom looking tufa
Raining but we found a dry route in a cave with perfect view of Railay.

Day 6: Railay to Ko Phi Phi. I crash from the intense climbing and spend half my day passed out on the boat. We sail to Koh Phi Phi where we enjoyed some decent snorkeling, a stunning sunset, and bbq on the boat.

Sunset on Ko Phi Phi

Day 7: Ko Phi Phi to Ko Yao Yai.  we sail to a lunch place where it is literally a rock and a restaurant.

This restaurant is literally on a rock. Very good food.
The restaurant had good snorkelling too
The last sunset. Very memorable.

Day 8: Ko Yao Yai to Phuket. We sail back to Phuket after lazy motoring back to the harbour.

Day 9: We leave the boat and wakeboard by a nearby cable park before boarding plane home.

M doing much better than me on the cable park.


A very memorable trip where 10 people, stuck on a boat managed to have a great time and not kill each other.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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