Ronda & Tarifa, Spain

Enroute to Tarifa to try kiteboarding, we stopped by Ronda, a small town perched upon hilltops. It is a beautiful town, but because it is so beautiful, the town is overrun by day tripping tourists.

The beautiful town of Ronda
Puenta Neuvo bridge

After a quick morning in Ronda, we contiuned to Tarifa. Having arrived at Tarifa, we were discouraged by the kite shop to go kiting as it was very gusty, windy and our smallest kite was 9m. We did however help our friend set up on his 5m kite and decided to explore the crags nearby.

We were ill prepared for 40knot winds.

The nearby crags of San Bartolo turned out to be a pleasent suprise as it was hidden mostly from the crazy Tarifa wind. The rock was also sandstone and a crazy formation which I love. Except for the cows, we were the only ones at the entire crag that day.

Overhanging sector of San Bartolo


The crazy rock formations of San Bartolo. Me on the aptly named, “Mosaico”

Tarifa is a nice tourist town though I suppose we are still in the low season due to lack of kiters and tourists. I hope to be back one day to actually kite when I am more expierenced.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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