Seville, Cordoba & Jean, Spain

We arrived to Seville and after taking a painstaking 1 hour to find parking, we had an amazing dinner at ‘La Brunilda Tapas’ where their sangria’s where only 1.50 Euros and managed to catch the famous festival Feria de abril de Sevilla. From my understanding, it is an event where the locals all rent tents at the festival grounds, dress up, drink and dance all day and night. It isn’t really a place where tourists can participate but it is very nice to see the whole city in such a festive atmosphere.

Rows and rows of tents, with most of the locals dressed up and ready to dance.

Of course, other than the festival we only saw some major sites. The plaza of Spain was I thought especially pretty.

Plaza de España

With the sightseeing done, we drove to Espiel near Cordoba to find some climbing. That was an utter failure as we hiked in the blazing sun trying to find a crag. After over an hour we gave up and headed for Cordoba which turned out to be a lovely small city with a windy old city centre.

The famous Roman Bridge. Actually a bit dissapointing and reminded me of the bridges of Esfahan, Iran.

The last day, we headed for Jean to climb the crags of Reguchillo. After the failure of crag finding in Espiel, Reguchillo was a warm welcome as the climbs literally started right from the car.

Reguchillo crag. Empty except for us.


A gem of a climbing spot with unpolished limestone. I would have loved to explore this crag some more.

And with there, we left to spend our last night in Madrid (where I lost my phone and thereby all the climbing and food photos). My only regret is we didn’t have more time to climb, travel, and drink the wines of Andalusia.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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