Climbing in Shigu, Yunnan (石鼓鎮)

After our hike from Tiger Leaping Gorge, we drove straight to Shigu, which is a new-ish climbing area about 1 hour away from Lijiang Town or 2 hours from the Gorge, and about 1-2 hours from Liming.

Right outside Shigu is the “First Bend of Yangtze River”; where the river bends back almost 180 degrees. No on knows why it bends back, but because of this, this river flows throughout China instead of South to Vietnam.

Shigu is very neat and quaint, with a lot of limestone within it’s immediate vicinity. As this area is still new, there is about 100+ climbing routes but potential for a lot more all within walking distance from the guesthouses. Currently there are 2 climbing guesthouses that can readily accommodate guests with hot showers, they are also located near the climbing area but not so near the marketplace where the restaurants are so you have to eat at the guesthouses where they make a big communal and delicious dinners. All climbers need to pay 20RMB to climb in Shigu to keep the villagers happy.

So much rock and potential for new routes. 


The area of Shigu. Right near the guesthouses.


Some steep areas let you climb even in rain.

Overall, my impression of this area is very favorable. It is not commercialized like Yangshuo and the holds are not polished yet. Also, since there are so few climbers everyone is very friendly. There is of course: zero nightlife, not much to do besides climbing and some hiking,  dogs bark at night, chicken crow at sunrise. And that is just the way I love my climbing trips to be, away from the crowds and craziness. I hope it stays like this and I hope to be back soon.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

2 thoughts on “Climbing in Shigu, Yunnan (石鼓鎮)

  1. Hey! Thanks for the great post. Could you tell us the names of the two climbing guesthouses in Shigu? We wanted to stay at Stone Drum House but its booked out, and we can’t seem to find anything else. Cheers!

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